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ZONE SYSTEMS, Inc. is a zoning and land use consulting firm. Like all consulting firms we sell our expertise to those who need it. We provide consulting services for projects large and small. If you are working on a zoning project in your community and just need some advice on how to proceed please contact us. Our initial consultation is $50. This may be all that you need. Ongoing consultation on a project or series of projects will be billed at a rate to be negotiated.

QuoteWe will provide the service you need. If we believe that you need nothing that we provide we will tell you that up front. If we believe that you are pursuing a course of action that will be fruitless we will tell you so. We've been very successful in our business because we provide service that is needed, not just something for which we can bill you.

Please don't hesitate to call if you think we can be of help or provide direction in your land use project. Just e-mail us right now or call or fax us. We will respond immediately.

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Zone Systems, Inc.
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