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No one knows your town better than you. If you have a zoning situation you are the best person to deal with it. You are a property owner. You have an interest in either maintaining your property in its current condition or improving it. There are no options. Zoning can impact your property. The zoning should be either an improvement or one that will not negatively impact your property.

The occasion will eventually arise that will require you to address zoning. You may have property that needs some zoning change in order for you to use it in the manner that will best serve you or your business. There may be a zoning change request near your home or business.

You have committed a great deal to your community by owning land. Without you and others like you there would be no community.

When a need to work through the zoning process arises you can do it yourself. The people that have been caring enough to serve on your city council or planning board should be pleased to see a fellow property owner work with them to deal with land use issues.

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